Time flies

WordPress informed me this week that my blog has just turned one.

It took me by surprise to be honest. How time flies.

Sometime back in February 2013, as a stressted out, burnt out father of two under-threes, I decided I had two options.

1. Take up writing 


2. Develop an alcohol / crack addiction.

I chose writing.

Because frankly, first and foremost, that is what this blog started out as for me.


Cheap therapy.

And over time I have attracted a small but loyal, and very lovely group of readers who have kept me going with their humour, anecdotes and empathy.

I have enjoyed blogging much more than I could ever have imagined and it has opened me up to a great new community of people, with new opportunities and new possibilities. I love it.

Which is why I have decided to celebrate my first birthday by nominating myself for a MAD Blog award. It’s my birthday present to me!

Self nomination is not a very British thing to do, and it is certainly not a very “me” thing to do, but hey, it’s my birthday, so like whatever.

So if you have enjoyed reading anything on my blog over these last twelve months and you so feel inclined, please do nominate me under the “best writing category”.

You can do that by clicking on the “nominate me” badge on my blog page or by clicking the link above and following the instructions – my webpage is https://thesecretfather.wordpress.com

And if not, then no worries, vote for someone else, in one of the many other categories. Competitions like this are all good for the blogging community, of which I am part, so it is a total win-win.

Happy blogging birthday to me!


8 thoughts on “Time flies

  1. It looks like you have to nominate a “blog of the year” before you can nominate for any of the other categories. Do you know if you can nominate a blog twice twice or should I go find a second blog to nominate?

  2. You didn’t nominate yourself! I nominated you! Or maybe I nominated you first before you nominated yourself? Hahaha. Either way, I’m glad you did – because you definitely deserve the recognition. Like I keep saying, I always enjoy/love to read your blog posts. So yes, people do nominate him 🙂 Happy Blog Anniversary! x Oh and yes, you can nominate a blog twice 🙂

  3. I for one am very happy you picked blogging over crack addiction. well done sir 😉 wow – can’t believe you are one! congrats :))) And good luck for the MADS. I really hope I see you there ;))) *fingers crossed for both of us!*

    • I’m now wondering why I felt like I had to choose. Surely I could multi task crack, alcohol and blogging addiction? See you on the red carpet (with spare yoghurt and Calpol syringe)

  4. It’s true… blogging and crack mix so well I find.. *high five* 🙂 Yes, If I get there, I’ll be at the back downing calpol and gin. My own hybrid mix… I call it… ginpol. :)))

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