Calling all dads!

I jumped onto #PNDHour on Twitter tonight (hosted by the fabulous Rosey @PNDandMe) and it got me thinking about how little I know about Pre / Post Natal Depression (PND), and how unprepared I am to be able to support people going through it ( estimates that about 1 in 7 women experience some level of depression in the first three months after a baby is born)

It also got me thinking about how I could use social media to help raise awareness on PND. 

With the rubbish, gloomy weather outside it felt like an appropriate time of year to be talking about this issue, and particularly now with the excellent initiative #Timetotalk day approaching fast on February 6th (check out the lovely for more information on #timetotalk)

So as a result,  I am thinking of running a series of posts on PND.

And the angle I want to take is to try and collect a series of articles from dads whose partners have / are suffering from PND. 

I am both looking for dads who can write from the heart with empathy and understanding, and dads who can write from the head to provide insights, tips and ideas on how to provide support to loved ones affected by PND.

If this is you, and you want to get involved, please get in touch; or Twitter; @Secret_Father.

Let’s get talking.


PS if you want to write something anonymously then that is fine too





8 thoughts on “Calling all dads!

  1. I think this is a brilliant idea! I didn’t suffer from PND and don’t really know anyone who has, but I can imagine how difficult and terrible it is not just for the mums but their partners as well. Imagine not knowing anything about it, I can imagine how some may even think it’s their fault, for not doing-enough, not-being-there-enough/supportive enough etc…

  2. This is such an important issue. I’d love to help out but, like Dean, don’t know anyone who’s suffered from PND. I think it’s really important to bring discussion about mental health issues out into the open a bit more in order to challenge stigmas and misconceptions. I’m planning to do a post about this sort of thing to mark Mental Health Awareness Week, which I believe is in May.

  3. I was in touch with someone today who posted a link where her husband spoke on radio about he pnd. I will pass on your request and hopefully they will contact you.

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