Woo Hoo! It’s nearly Father’s Day Month!

In celebration of Father’s Day on Sunday June 16th I am going to be featuring guest posts from some of the finest father bloggers on the interweb throughout the month of June.

What better way to celebrate all that is good (and maybe bad?!) about modern fatherhood!

I decided to go a bit out on a limb with the theme of the blog.

I wanted to hear male voices writing about the process of childbirth. Childbirth is not something I have read much about from a father’s perspective, so I wanted to address the balance a little bit.

And in case any of the guest bloggers were either not there (or not conscious) during that particular process, they have an escape clause to otherwise write about fatherhood in general.

I hope you will visit my site over June as I feature their writing. I am really excited by it and personally can’t wait to see their entries

Featured writers will include

–          Tom Briggs (Twitter; @TomBriggs79 and Blog: www.diaryofthedad.co.uk)

–          Shawn Brown (at Circumstantially Wonderful  www.sextonsongs.wordpress.com)

–          The iDad (Twitter; @The_iDad and blog: www.idads.co.uk)

–          Dad vs The Kids (Twitter; @dadvsthekids and blog: www.dadvsthekids.com)

–          MVD Stuart (Twitter; @mvd_stuart and blog: www.mummyvsdaddy.com)

And yes, there is at least one BiBs finalist there in the line up! Woo Hoo indeed!




 NB – This is an idea I got from Dean @littlestepstwit over at www.littlestepsblogdotcom.wordpress.com

Dean has been featuring guest female bloggers on her blog for some time now on her “chats with moms” categories and I really liked the concept. It is refreshing to read so many female perspectives in one place. Go check it out.

(In fact, although I am not a mum, I may also have an interview up there soon! Watch that particular space!)


12 thoughts on “Woo Hoo! It’s nearly Father’s Day Month!

  1. Hi Secret Dad! Thanks for the mention! =) And thanks too for being my first Dad feature too. Will post yours on the 1st of June. Can’t wait. So looking forward to your project too. All the best, D.

  2. Looking forward to it – I have found fatherhood to be the greatest gift in my life, my spiritual practice, and my writing. It is so wonderful to have a community here on WP to share…

    • Thanks for your interest and yes fatherhood is indeed a gift. I have only been blogging / tweeting about fatherhood since February and I have found it extremely rewarding. Not only as an outlet for such incredible experiences but also because I have “met” some lovely people and read some wonderful stuff.

      I hope you enjoy the writing that we will be featuring over June!

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